Release Date: October 16, 2017

Renewal Campaigns: The new renewal campaign feature will allow you to select a record type and expiration date range in order to see all the records that need to be renewed. Once these parameters have been selected, you will be able to set when applicants will be able to start renewing their records and when the opportunity ends. All applicants will be automatically notified via email at four different times throughout the renewal campaign. Learn more here!

Enhanced Inbox: The new task inbox will help you track what tasks need to be completed and which ones have already been done. Anytime that you are assigned to an approval, inspection step, or if someone comments on a step that you are assigned to, a new notification will appear next to the "My Inbox" icon on the left menu. Learn more here!

Calculated Form Fields: ViewPoint Cloud now makes it easy to create calculated form fields. In order to create a calculation such as building height plus building width, simply select the form field that you would like to be the result of this calculation, turn on the "calculated field" button on the menu and enter @buildingheight + @buildingwidth in the text box that appears. Learn more here!

Document Conditional Visibility: You can now create form fields on docs that will only appear if there is information to display. For instance, if you would like to add the business owner name (but only display it when there is an actual business owner linked to the record) you simply need to add an "if" condition before the business owner merge tag. Please note that you will first need to indicate which merge tag you would like to make condition by placing the merge tag within the "if" brackets
{{# if merge tag}} then, you will need to enter the merge tag again 'merge tag', next simply close the brackets by adding {{/if}}. I.e., {{#if merge tag}} {{merge tag}} {{/if}}. Learn more here! 

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