Creating calculated form fields is now easier than ever in ViewPoint Cloud! An example of a calculated form field would be a "total area" of a building. For instance, if you would like the total area of a building to be a combination of the building height plus building width, you can now add that calculation directly on the form editor. 

  • The first step is to select a form field that you would like to be your calculated field. I.e., "total area". 

  • Once the form field is selected, click the "Calculated Field" button on the right side of the form editor. When the calculated field is turned on, a box will appear for you to enter the calculation. 

  • The calculation can be on any number form field. If you want to create a calculation of the building height plus building width, you would enter "@buildingheight" "+" "@buildingwidth". Once you select the @ symbol, there will be a list of number fields to choose from. As you type, the search will update the options. 

  • Once you select the form field in the calculation, the merge tag number will appear as opposed to the form field name. For instance, if you are searching "@buildingheight", once you select that, the merge tag of {{11858}} will appear. 

  • After you have added the calculation, simply click "done" to save the formula. 

  • Please note that all form fields referenced in the formula will need to have a value in order for the calculation to work. If any form field in the formula is left blank, the calculation will not work.  

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