ViewPoint Cloud allows you to share custom reports with your fellow employee users. Once you have created a report, select the report and click the "Actions" button in the top right corner of the report and then click "Share Report."

• Once you have confirmed that you would like to share the report, it will become available in the department's report folder for whichever user(s) you shared it with. For instance, if you shared a custom "Records" report with fellow members of the Building department, it will be stored in the "Records" folder under the Building Department for those specific users.  Accordingly, if you created a custom "Payments" report, it will be stored in the "Payments" folder for the users it was shared with.  And there will be a three-pronged icon to the right of the report's name indicating the report was shared.

Please note that you can only share custom reports--Default reports from ViewPoint Cloud cannot be shared. 

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