The User Groups function in ViewPoint Cloud allows you to assign a defined group of employees a specific access level in a record type as well as have certain workflow steps be auto-assigned to them.  This allows work to be split among community employees who do the same types of work as one another, such as Building Inspectors, Fire Departments, Town Administrators, etc.

Adding multiple users into a group can be done by going into the settings, clicking the "Group" icon and proceeding to click "Add Group." 

• When a Group is assigned to a workflow step, ViewPoint Cloud's "round robin" logic will assign the step/task to the employee in the group with the least amount of assigned tasks at the time.  For instance, if a Group of Building Inspectors is assigned to Workflow "Department Approval," the Department Approval step will get assigned to the member of the Building Inspectors group with the least amount of tasks assigned to them.  

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