The "Public Portal" settings is where you will be able to setup the "Storefront" site that public applicants will go to in order to apply for permits and licenses. Please note that the Storefront site is very different than the employee site. 

In order to access the Public Portal settings, click on the settings icon in the bottom left corner of the page and then select "Public Portal" at the top of the page. 

Once you are in the Public Portal settings, you have a few different options. This article will focus on the "Content" settings. 

The content settings is where you will be setting up the homepage of your community's Storefront. These settings will dictate what the applicants see when they are applying for permits and licenses. Adding specific pictures of your community, staff, and local landmarks are always encouraged! 

 1. Cover Photo: The cover photo is the image that displays as the banner for the public Storefront site. You can add a picture from local storage by clicking on the image, outside of the dotted lines. We recommend adding a picture of City Hall, or another local landmark to truly make the site unique. The text in the middle of the image is a placeholder and can be edited by clicking inside of the dotted lines. The format of the text in the settings is how it will look on the Storefront. Once you are done adding a picture and updating the text, click outside of the image and your changes will be saved.

2. Departments: The department settings is where you can edit specific department details such as cover photo, adding page content and record types, turning departments on/off, and rearranging the order of the departments. In order to turn the department on or off, simply flip the switch to either "on" or "off." If the department is off, applicants will not be able to see or apply for any record types in that department. If you would to reorder the departments, hover the mouse over any white space and click and drag to your desired spot. Once you have enabled the departments and found the perfect spot, click on the department name in order to update the settings.
         - Cover Photo: The department cover photo is very similar to the cover photo described above. However, this cover photo should represent the department as opposed to whole community. Click on the "Choose File" button in order to upload a photo from local storage.
         - Page Content: The page content is a great place to include additional information that will aid the applicant. Communities generally enter specific information about the department such as contact information, useful link/tips, hours of operation, etc.
         - Record Types: This setting allows you to customize the ordering of record types, turn record types on/off, and add content to the record type to further aid the applicant. If you would like to rearrange the record type list, simply click the mouse on the three vertical dots and then drag and drop. Enabling or disabling the record type can be done by toggling the on/off switch. Clicking on the record type title allows you to enter content regarding the record type. Communities generally add information such as requirements, useful .pdf's, use cases for this record type, etc. The more information that you can provide the applicant, the better their experience will be. 

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