We’ve redesigned ViewPoint Cloud to be more modern, intuitive, and easy to use, so you can enjoy an even better experience. 

With ViewPoint Cloud 3, the employee app and citizen portal are now completely separate. This allowed us to provide a powerful and streamlined system for you, while keeping things simple and clear for your citizens.

Note: We haven't removed any functionality with the new design - you'll still have access to all of the features you had before.

Here's a rundown of what's new with ViewPoint Cloud 3:

Employee App

The left-side menu has been reorganized around four key tabs:

  • Create: Create records in a streamlined new interface

  • Explore: Explore your data in reports, maps, and analytics

  • Inbox: See work assigned to you

  • Renew: Manage renewal campaigns

Inbox and Renew are unchanged from before, but Create and Explore are new to ViewPoint Cloud 3.

Let's take a look at how they work:


There are three ways to explore your data in ViewPoint Cloud 3: Reports, Map, and Analytics.

In Reports, we've made it easier to focus on what's important to you. Select your department from the Department Selector, then choose any of the entities in the left sidebar (Records, Tasks, Inspections, Payments, Documents, or Projects) to reveal its reports.

Default reports and your saved reports now appear side-by-side underneath the selected entity. Click any report to select it.

To edit a report, click the "Edit" button next to the selected report's name. From the Filters and Columns tabs, you can apply filters and control what columns appear in the report.

Under the General tab, you can control the report's Name, Department, and Record Type. Reports are department-specific, so a report you create under one department won't appear if you change your department from the Department Selector.

The Record Type dropdown controls which Record Type's form fields are available as filters and columns in that report.

To create a new report, hover over an entity and click the "+" button.

Reports you create can now be shared to everyone else in your department. To share a report you've created, click Actions - Share Report.

Once you've shared a report to a department, it automatically appears in the left sidebar alongside default and saved reports for everyone else viewing that department's reports.


ViewPoint Cloud 3 introduces a streamlined new way to create records. Click the Create button in the left-side menu to begin. You’ll be presented with all of the records you can create.

If you typically create records in just one department, you can choose that department from the Department Selector to filter your results.

Click any record type to create a new record. Now, creating a record is done in just one screen. Click “Add Applicant” or “Add Location” to add either to the record, if applicable.

Fill the record’s form, and add any attachments underneath the form. When you’re ready to create the record, click “Create Record” in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

What else is new?

In addition to the enhancements above, ViewPoint Cloud introduces other key improvements:

  • Enhanced Settings with new portal customization options

  • Enhanced record page design

  • Enhanced user and location profile pages

  • Projects report

Smart Projects

ViewPoint Cloud 3 also introduces Smart Projects, a new way to group related permits and licenses into themed projects (e.g. "Renovate your home", "Open a restaurant", or "Become a licensed professional").

Smart projects allow you to have applicants answer a series of yes/no questions to customize their required checklist of record type(s). Once they've built their checklist, applicants can apply for and track all the record types within.

Set up smart projects by navigating to Settings > Portal > Projects. From there, you can name your project, provide information about it, design yes/no questions for the applicant to answer, and designate the Record Types that apply based on their answers.

Experience a better way to work in ViewPoint Cloud 3!

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