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Viewing Your Inspection Schedule
Viewing Your Inspection Schedule
How to find when your inspections are schedule for
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Viewing your inspection schedule can be done by clicking on the "Inspect" icon on the left side of your screen. Clicking this icon will take you to your Inspection Schedule, where you will see by default the list of all your inspections for today. You can choose other days from the date/calendar field on the screen by either using the left/right arrows or clicking on the current date to launch a date picker. You have the ability to filter for other user's (or groups) inspection schedule by clicking on the "Me" drop down in the top left corner and searching for a user (or group) name.

• You can sync your Inspection Schedule with your email calendar by clicking on the "Options" button in the top right corner of your screen and choosing "Sync with Calendar."  

• If your inspections are not timed, you can drag and drop the order of the inspections. Once the ordering has been changed, the route will update on the map on the right side of the screen.

• If you would like ViewPoint to optimize your inspection routes for best travel time, you can use the "Optimize Route" feature which can be found by clicking on the "Route" drop down in the top right corner of your inspection schedule. Once confirmed, your inspection routes will change on the map and will be reordered based on the most efficient route. 

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