Renewal campaign email insights will allow you to see when specific email notifications will be sent as well as whether the emails have been delivered, opened, clicked, or rejected. You also have the ability to filter and export your campaign based on the email status.  Please note that renewal reminder emails will always be sent at 8am Eastern Standard Time.

  • Email notices are displayed in separate columns indicating when each will be automatically emailed to the applicant. Applicants will receive four emails throughout the duration of the renewal campaign and the emails will stop once the record has been renewed.  The fourth email will be sent on the day the license expires.

  • Once a notice email has been delivered to the applicant, the email status will appear in place of the send date. 

  • In order to see more information regarding the email status, simply hover your mouse over the email status (above).

  • Email Statuses:

      - Delivered: the notice email has been successfully delivered to the applicant
      - Opened: the notice has been opened and read by the applicant
      - Clicked: the applicant has opened the email and clicked the link to renew their              record
      - Rejected: the notice email has been rejected by the applicant's mail client and               was not successfully delivered.

  • Filtering a campaign based on email statuses can be done by clicking the "All Emails" drop down menu in the top right corner of the campaign. You have the ability to sort by any status and, once filtered, you can export the campaign into a CSV file which will be automatically emailed to you. 

      - Use case for email status filtering: if there is a high volume of rejected emails,              you can export a report of all rejected emails and contact the applicants directly            in order to obtain a new valid email address.

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