ViewPoint Cloud's notification menu will display all your notifications in one centralized location.

You will receive a notification when:

  • A comment is made on a step that you are assigned to

  • You are assigned to a step

  • An attachment was uploaded on a record where you're assigned to an Active step

  • You were mentioned in a comment by another employee

  • You are scheduled for an inspection

  • An inspection that you are assigned to was modified 

  • A deadline/due date is approaching or past due for a step you're assigned to

  • A payment action is made on any payment step you follow

Controlling which notifications you receive:

You can toggle on/off specific types of notifications by clicking the notifications icon and selecting "Settings." From there, you can select which notifications you would like to receive by checking the box next to the notification type. 

Email: notifications received by email
Browser:  notifications received in the notification menu in ViewPoint Cloud

Payment and Document Step Notifications:

Internal users and groups can be assigned to receive a notification if an applicant leaves a comment on a payment or document step.  


Communicating directly with your colleagues can easily be done in a workflow step by mentioning their name with @ as a prefix. Once the comment has been made, the employee will receive a notification that they were mentioned on a record step.

Example: @John Citizen

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