Enabling the autofill feature within a form will speed up an applicant's application process by automatically filling in fields for them based on certain criteria they enter. 

In order to enable the autofill feature, you can navigate to the form in the record type settings. Once there, click on the title of the form section you want to autofill. When the edit section appears on the right, turn on autofill with the on-off switch at the bottom. Next, click on source to pick the data table which the fields will pull the information from. You can then pick the primary and secondary field which will trigger the information to autofill the rest of the from.

Please note that our Data team will first need to be provided the source file that you want to use. 

Each form field within the form section being auto-filled needs to know which columns from the data table it is pulling information from. Click each form field which can be auto-filled using the database and turn on auto-fill then select the corresponding source. For example, the name field will likely be matched with the name column from a database. Make sure to click done to save once each autofill is complete.

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