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3.8 Release Notes - Notifications
3.8 Release Notes - Notifications
Highlights from ViewPoint Cloud's 3.8 Publish
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Release Date: April 25, 2019

Notifications:  The notifications publish moved all of the employee notifications to one centralized location. The different notifications are:

  • A comment is made on a step that you are assigned to

  • You are assigned to a step

  • An attachment was uploaded on a record that you're assigned to

  • You were mentioned in a comment by another employee

  • You are scheduled for an inspection

  • An inspection that you are assigned to was modified 

Also included in the publish is a centralized notification menu that allows employees to control what notifications they receive and whether they receive the notifications via an in-app notification or via email. Click here to learn more about notifications!

Record Step Mentions: Employees can now @ mention fellow employees directly in a record step in order to make them aware of an applicant response or to ask a question.

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