With the OpenGov PLC and Bluebeam integration, you will be able to create a Bluebeam session and edit documents directly from PLC. Once you are done editing the documents, simply save and close the session and the updated document will be available in your PLC environment. 

Note: This integration requires a Bluebeam Studio Prime subscription and must be enabled by an OpenGov account manager.

How to connect with Bluebeam:

  • In order to connect PLC with Bluebeam, navigate to a record attachment, click the "Open with" menu and then select the "Bluebeam Studio Session" option.

  • Once you have selected that, you will need to enter your Bluebeam credentials for the first time. After you have entered your credentials, they will save for the next time you open an attachment using Bluebeam.

  • Once the session is ready, click the "Open Session" option. 

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