• Using Department Form Fields, you can report on form fields across different Record Types.

  • System administrators can group fields from multiple Record Types into a Department Form Field to make it available in Department-level reports in Explore.

First, navigate to the system settings and select the Department Form Fields menu.

Then, click the Add New option to add a Department Form Field.

To add a new Department Form Field, you will first need to name the field, i.e., Project Cost. Once you have named it, select the department that the form field is in, i.e., Inspectional Services. Then, select which type of form field it is, i.e., number, short text, long text, etc.

Once you have selected the required fields, click Create Department Form Field.

Now that you have successfully created a Department Form Field, you can link similar form fields to the newly created Department Form Field by clicking on the recently made Field Name.

For example, you could group the "Work Description" or "Project Cost" fields from all Building, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Permits to report on them all at once.

By clicking the Add New button, you can search for form fields that you would like to group with the Project Cost field that you created. Fields that are grouped together will need to be the same field type, i.e., number fields need to be grouped with numbers, short text fields need to be grouped with short text fields, etc.

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