Release Date: April 28, 2017

Designated Attachments: Designate required or optional files to be included with each record of a given type. On the Record Page, manage multiple file versions.
To configure attachments, go to the Settings section for that Record Type. 

Real-Time Collaboration: See live activity on approvals, comments, payments, and other record activity as it happens without having to refresh the page.

Auto-Fill on Multi-Entry Form Sections: Need to collect multiple subcontractors, violation code references, or other data from an external Auto-Fill list in your forms? Enable Auto-Fill on any multi-entry form section from the Form Designer. Please contact us for more information on setting up an external list.

Custom Payment Methods: You can now designate custom payment methods, in addition to the default Credit Card, E-Check, Check, and Cash. This setting is in the new Payments section in Settings. Any methods you add will appear in the drop-down menu alongside cash and check when making a payment.

GIS Layer List and Parcel Identify: If you're leveraging built-in GIS integration, you can now toggle layers on and off from the Layer List panel on the map. In addition, you can click any parcel to identify it. If you're interested in integrating with your GIS map, please contact us to learn more.

Archive Locations
Archiving a location makes it visible for historical purposes, but can no longer be selected when creating future records. Administrators can archive a location right from the Location Page.

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