Release Date: November 10, 2016



  • Completed Approvals: Keep track of all completed approval steps in this report. This report can be accessed by clicking on the Approval report in the left navigation bar. 

  • Current Status: This new column in the Records report gives an at-a-glance look of each record's status.

Partial Payments: Employee Users can enter partial payments when entering cash or check payments on a Payment step. 

Refunds: Employee Users with administrative privileges can refund full or partial credit card, cash or check payments through the site. Refunds will also be accounted for in the Ledger Report.

Employee Access changes: New access levels were added at the Record Type level, controlling who can view, edit, or administer records in that Record Type. A new No Access option was also added, allowing you to hide sensitive records from specific employees or groups.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Payment steps are automatically reactivated if a fee is increased after a payment is made.  The applicant is also notified automatically.

  • The Search bar is now 10x faster, with smarter and more accurate results.

  • We've reduced the number of email notifications ViewPoint Cloud sends Employee Users. While applicants will get notified of every change to their application, employees will now only get emailed about action that involves them.

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