Release Date: July 11, 2016



Help Text: There are now Help Text boxes available on both form fields and workflow steps.  You can use these boxes to give more detail about a specific field on the form, or add more information about a workflow step.  To access each:

  • Form fields: Go to Settings > Record Types, click on a Record Type and then on the Form tab.  Click on a field to edit it.  On the right, you'll see a Help Text box under the label.

  • Workflow steps: Click on the Workflow tab (in the specific Record Type) and then click on any step. Underneath the label, you'll see a Help Text box to add more information.  This text box supports rich text, so you can copy and paste text from another source (for example, that's bold or hyperlinked) and that box will retain that format.

Draft & Published: Both Categories and Record Types will start in a "draft" state, meaning they are hidden and inaccessible from the store front.  In order to view them on the store front, they need to be published.  




Additional Bug Fixes:


  • Corrected an issue with IE and Firefox accepting commas in number fields.

  • Users can now access and upload attachments on a Record page in Firefox.

  • The Date Submitted was being recorded as the date an applicant started a draft application.  It is now being recorded as the date the application is being submitted.

  • Fixed a display issue with drop down menus in Firefox.

  • When changing a location on a Record page, units will now display in the search bar.

  • On a location page, the Units will now link to their respective pages.

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