GIS Integration is an additional service available to clients.  With GIS integration, we can connect your city's map data to the ViewPoint cloud site, providing you with more information about locations while reviewing records.

What do I need to integrate?

In order to successfully integrate with ViewPoint Cloud, you need the URL of a Map Service that references your community’s GIS maps. This link connects ViewPoint Cloud to your community’s GIS server (read only), whether that server is locally hosted or cloud hosted. The requirements are as follows: 

Locally hosted ArcGIS server: 

  • Dynamic REST web mapping server URL 

  • A secure link (https://) 

  • Accessible outside the community's local intranet

Cloud hosted ArcGIS Online: 

  • Dynamic REST feature service

  • A secure link (https://) 

  • Shared for public use 

What does the integration do?

We display map based information in a number of areas of ViewPoint Cloud. Through location based reporting and on each individual record page. By default, these maps are pulled from Google Maps. When you set up ESRI GIS integration, those maps are replaced by your community’s specific GIS maps.

How do I set up the integration?

The integration is completed by a ViewPoint staff member.  If you have this service, it will be set up during your implementation.  Please contact us if you have any more questions.

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