Prorated fees can be created in a record type's fee settings. Prorated fees can be set to apply monthly or daily and can be based on a record's date of submission or based on specific form field criteria.

• The current setup displayed in this article will result in the fee of $1200 being prorated monthly from January to December. If an applicant applies for this record in January, they will be required to pay the full fee of $1200. However, as the year progress, the fee will be reduced monthly. If the applicant were to apply for this record in December, the fee would only be $100 since it is the last month of the proration. 

• Please note that if prorated fees are created for less than a 12-month timeframe, any record applied for outside of the timeframe will result in the full fee.  For example, if a proration period is from April until August with a prorated fee of $400, on an application submitted in September (outside of the timeframe) the fee will calculate to $400. 

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