If an applicant or an employee begins to create a record but does not submit it, the record is saved in ViewPoint Cloud as a "draft" without a record number assigned to it. The best way to locate a draft in the Employee App is to search for the name of the record creator (whether an employee or external applicant) in the global search bar at the top of the screen. Once this user's name is selected, you will be able to see all the records they have applied for along with any other drafts they haven't submitted.

• Please note that Drafts cannot be found in a records report or on any location page.

• System administrators can also locate a draft by navigating to the community's settings page and clicking the Activity Log button to see any past platform activity. There, the system admin can use the filters on the right side of the screen to refine the activity log search accordingly  (For example, in the screenshot below, the employee "Josh from ViewPoint" is chosen as a filter) so that it only shows that employees recent activity, and his most recent activity was creating several record drafts.  Next, you can click on a draft in the activity log and continue setting up this New Record!

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