You may decide to delete a record but later realize you need to reactivate it.  Luckily, all records created in our software are permanently saved in the cloud and can be re-accessed at any time.  Please note that System Administrators ONLY can restore deleted records; applicants and employee level users are unable to do this.

If you are an administrator, you can navigate to your community's settings to access the Activity Log. There, you can filter by the record number you'd like to restore, and then click on the activity note where the record was deleted.  For example, in the screenshot below, it will show that Josh From ViewPoint removed the record.

Once you have clicked on the activity note stating when the record was deleted, you will be taken to a screen where it shows the reason why the record was deleted.  In the top right corner of this screen, there is a button that says "Restore Record."  If you click "Restore Record," the record will immediately become active again and will be restored back to the exact point in the workflow where the record was initially deleted.

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