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How to report on data from specific Form Fields
How to report on data from specific Form Fields
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Since form fields specifically pertain to individual record types, you can find form field criteria in a report as long as you create a report specifically for a given record type.
Here's how this can be done:

  1. Go to your Explore tab and choose the desired type of report.

  2. In the General tab that pops up, choose a specific department, and then choose a record type

3. Go to the Columns tab and scroll down on the checklist past the first section labeled "Columns" to where you'll see a header labeled "Form Columns."  Anything below this header reflects information specifically pertaining to this record type, so you can check off any column that you'd like to display on your report.

4. You can also utilize the Filters tab if you only want to see certain information from a form field.  For instance, if you only wanted to see records where the Type of Fixture is Oven within the information displayed above, you would go to the Filters tab and choose "Add a New Form Filter."

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