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What is the Filters tab in the Reports field used for?
What is the Filters tab in the Reports field used for?
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The Filters tab allows you to run a report with filters that allow you to only display specific criteria.  You can have as many filters as you want to ensure that the data you gather is as specific as possible--Just click "Add a New Filter" any time you want to add another filter, and then fill in the desired criteria for each filter.

• See the example in the screenshot below--Here I am using Filters so that I only see records with an Active status and the Applicant Name "ViewPoint Cloud." 

• Filtering can be extremely helpful for finding data that pertains to certain dates.  For instance, if you choose "Date Submitted," you have several options in order to find the dates you are looking to filter by. 

• If you have chosen to report on data from form fields in a single record type, a button for "Add New Form Field Filter" appears on your Filters tab.  This allows you to filter a report by criteria from the record type's form fields. For instance, in the screenshot below, I have chosen in the General tab to only display the Gas Permit record type.  Thus, I can choose a Form Filter such as "Phone # is Empty," which would show all records where no phone number is listed.  I then could choose to display that Phone # column in the columns tab in order to see all the empty spaces where a phone number would be otherwise.

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