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Using Your Community's Activity Log
Using Your Community's Activity Log
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Your community's Activity Log can be utilized to pinpoint when any action has been taken on either a record or record type settings in ViewPoint Cloud.  Only System Administrators have access to this page.  It can be reached by clicking on the "Activity Log" field within your community's System Settings page.

• Your Activity Log will display the most recent activity at the top of the screen, and when opening the Activity Log it will show all employees' actions by default.  However, you can create more specific results by filtering by employee name, activity date(s), and/or record number on the right side of the screen: 

• In the screenshot below, you'll see the default screen (with no filters) apply:

• However, in the next screen, you'll see that I've filtered by one employee as well as one specific date to create more specific information on when this employee has taken specific actions in ViewPoint Cloud (note: I did not filter by record in this example in order to diversify the results for better reference):

• See below for the different types of date filters in the Activity Log; when in doubt you can always use the "Custom" option to choose either a certain date or date range.

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