Partial refunds can be issued at any time for payments listed in ViewPoint Cloud. Please note that System and Record Type Administrators ONLY can issue refunds; applicants and employee level users without administrative level access cannot issue refunds.

Conducting a partial refund can be done in just a few clicks! Simply navigate to the record page, select the payment step and click the three vertical dots next to the payment you want the refund issued for. First, select "Refund."

Next, you will be prompted to choose whether this will be a full or partial refund.  Choose "Partial refund."  Here, you can choose exactly how much money will be refunded, and the value you type into the text box will immediately translate to the monetary total showing underneath this field where it says "Refund $0.00" in the screenshot below.  Next, press "Refund" in the bottom right corner of this field to process this refund.  Please note that the remaining paid funds on a record will update each time a partial refund is made.  For example, if you were to refund $30 of the $80 available in the screenshot below, there would then be $50 available if you wanted to issue another partial refund.

Please note that on records with multiple fees having been paid, you can choose exactly how much money will be refunded from each individual fee (see screenshot below), and as you as click "Refund" the available remaining balance will be updated accordingly.

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