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How to Create a Document Template
How to Create a Document Template
Learn how to create document templates that are issued automatically as part of the permitting process!
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About Documents

Documents are grouped at the Record Type level. This allows you to print fields that are specific to the Record Type form to be printed on any given document. Documents are assigned to individual workflows so that you know which document is designed to match which kind of permit. Other documents, such as Stop Work Orders, Inspection Reports, or Certificate of Occupancy can be added to a workflow ad hoc, as long as the document is available in the Record Type.

We recommend that you meet with each department to come up with lists of all documents necessary to be available for each Record Type, along with examples of each. 

How to create a Document Template

The Document Templates uses data collected from form fields and record page (such as location details, applicant name, etc.) to populate the document that is issued to the applicant. You have complete control when creating the template and can include any available fields. You are also able to customize the template to match your needs, by adding tables, altering fonts, including logos and signatures, and more.

To add a new document template to a Record Type:

  1. Click on the Document Tab

  2. In the Add a Document section (toward the right), enter in what you'd like to name the document and select a Document Type from the drop down menu.

  3. Click Add.

  4. The new document will appear in the saved Documents area.

Please note: This newly created document will include ViewPoint's default layout and text, but it can be edited!

To open and edit the Document:

Click on the document's name.  Just like Microsoft Word, the Document Designer allows you to visually design your document using familiar text editing and formatting tools.

Edit text using the toolbar’s formatting options. Add images by clicking the image icon in the toolbar.

Tip: Use the Table button to add any size table for additional formatting!

A little more about tables:

Tables can be further edited and formatted.  To access the Table toolbar, click into an individual cell or highlight a row or column.  A toolbar will appear with additional options, such as:

  • Add columns

  • Add rows

  • Merge Cells

  • Adjust vertical and horizontal alignment

To include information collected from a record's application

Information collected on the application (applicant information, location, and form fields) can be added to the template.  

At the bottom of the template, there is a Data Merge Tags section that includes all of the form fields, applicant information, and location details.  These are very similar to merge tags used in mail merges, in that they will automatically populate with the information in that field.

How to add Data Merge tags to a template:

  1. Scroll down to the Data Merge tags section to find the specific field and corresponding tag.

  2. Copy the tag.

  3. Paste it where you'd like it to appear in the document.  When a document is issued on a record using this template, the Merge Tag will be replaced with that record’s information.

Additional tips:

  • Data Merge tags are case-sensitive.

  • Be sure to include all of the curly-brackets.  

  • Fields from Multi-Entry sections can be included individually or you can include all of the information collected in a Multi-Entry section by using the tag in the Multi-Entry Section area.

Don't forget to save your work!

When you’re done designing the document template, click the “Save” button to save the template.

Previewing your Document

After saving the template, use the Print Preview button to view the template in a print dialog screen.  This may help give you a sense of the layout and how the text appears.  

To view an issued document with live data: Create a test record by clicking on Home and then starting a new application.

Example Document template is below:

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