The Ledger Report is designed to help reconcile payments made through ViewPoint Cloud. This report is available in the Payments section of the "Explore" tab and includes the following columns on the default screen:

  • The Record # column displays the record/permit numbers that are automatically assigned to the application

  • The Record Type column displays each record's record type.

  • The Fee Label and Account columns display the fee labels and account numbers that are associated with each fee in the workflow steps.   The Fee Label column is helpful for both employee and applicant users for reporting purposes because it specifically displays what a fee applies to; the account column is mostly for the employee's reference for anyone who needs to get a breakdown of how funds should be broken out by account.

  • The Transaction Type column notes whether the transaction was either a Payment, Refund, or Adjustment.

  • The Amount column displays the specific fee amounts paid by applicants.

  • The Date Paid column display the date the applicant paid a fee.

  • The Method column displays the applicant's payment method--whether the applicant paid by credit card, check, cash, or a custom payment method.

• This report can be further customized to include additional form fields, locations, property information, etc.  It can also be filtered to include specific sets of information such as data from individual Record Types, Date Ranges, Fee Labels, Account Numbers, and Payment Method.

• Like all other reports, this report can be exported as a CSV for further manipulation in Excel or importing into any financial software--Click here for instructions on how to export a CSV.

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