Community employees with "Can Edit" or higher access can process payments in ViewPoint Cloud.  Please note that only system and record type administrators can enter additional payments.  Click here for instructions on how applicants can pay their fees.

• To accept cash or check as payment:

  1. Click on the Payment step in the Record's Timeline.

  2. Choose your payment method in the field below the list of fees.

  3. Click "Pay."

  4. On the pop up that appears, select the Payment Method as well as whether this is a full or partial payment amount.  You can also enter optional criteria in the other fields.  (See 2nd screenshot below).

  5. Click "Pay" on that field.  This will make the payment register in ViewPoint Cloud.

• If you choose "Partial Payment," you can list a payment for a desired fraction of the total balance due.  Please note that the applicant will still be responsible for the remainder of the balance.

• By utilizing the Explore tab to generate payment and ledger reports, you can track all payments due as well as processed in ViewPoint Cloud.

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