About Stripe
Stripe is the payment processing company that ViewPoint has partnered with to provide automatic payment processing.
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How it works

When an applicant pays for a permit online, they'll be able to either pay by credit card or e-check (depending on your community's payment type settings).  That information is securely transferred to the application called Stripe, which processes the credit card or e-check payment and then deposits the funds into your municipal bank account (which is collected when you set up your account with Stripe).

How to set up an account with Stripe

In ViewPoint, go to Settings > Payments, and then click on the "Connect with Stripe" button.  This will take you to a setup form to complete.  It should take about 15-20 minutes.

Once you've completed Stripe's form: Your ViewPoint account is automatically connected to your Stripe account. That's it!

Please note: Part of that set up includes creating log in information, which will give you access to Stripe's dashboard, where you can view additional transaction reports, update your account information, and more.  Be sure to retain this information in case you wish to access Stripe in the future.

Stripe's Processing Fees

The processing fee for Stripe is:

  • 2.99% plus 99 cents for credit card payments

  • $5.50 flat for E-Check payments

The applicant pays this fee, ensuring that the municipality receives the full amount of the permit/application fee.

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