When a document is issued for a record, the merge tags that are on the template will automatically populate with the appropriate text from the application's forms.

In the cases where those tags don't automatically populate, you can check the following on the template:

  1. Make sure the data merge tags have the appropriate number of curly brackets ( "{" or "}" ).
    Single-Entry form fields: Have two curly brackets on either side of the alpha-numeric code. For example {{FF123456}} or {{applicantFirstName}}
    Multi-Entry form fields and sections: Have three curly brackets on either side of the alpha-numeric code. For example {{{OL12345}}} or {{{MES10012345}}}

  2. Make sure all merge tags in the document template have a matching listing merge tag in the data merge tags list field at the bottom of the template screen.  If not, the merge tag itself does not exist in the record type.

  3. Data merge tags are case-sensitive. All form fields and multi-entry section tags include uppercase letters and numbers. Tags related to the Applicant, Location, Project, and Record are a mix of upper and lowercase letters.

  4. If you've bolded or italicized any tags, make sure the formatting spans the entire tag. If not, remove the formatting and add it back in to the entire tag. You may also want to check in the template's "Code View" to make sure the formatting is set up properly on the tag.

Once you've made the corrections to the template, be sure to save your changes. Then go back to the Record page and click Add New at the top of the Timeline to issue a new document!

If you're still having trouble correcting a document, please reach out to us for assistance.

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