You can now create form fields on document templates that will only appear on issued documents if conditional information applies. For instance, if you would like to add a business owner name (but only display the information when there is an actual business owner linked to the record) you simply need to add an "if" condition before the business owner merge tag, ex: (FF12559). Please note that you will first need to indicate which merge tag you would like to make conditional by placing the merge tag within the "if" brackets {{# if merge tag}} then, you will need to enter the merge tag again (outside of the if brackets) merge tag, next simply close the statement by adding {{/if}}. I.e., {{#if merge tag}} {{merge tag}} {{/if}}

Example: {{#if FF12559}} {{FF12559}} {{/if}} . Using this merge tag logic, the business owner name will display only if there is actually a business owner name linked to the record. A few other examples: 

  • {{#if ownerName}} {{ownerName}} {{/if}} - this logic will only display the owner name if there is an owner name linked to the record

  • {{#if buildingType}}  {{buildingType}}  {{/if}} - this logic will only display the building type if there is a building type indicated for the record

  • {{#if mbl}} {{mbl}} {{/if}} - this logic will only display the MBL of a property if there is an MBL associated with the property. 

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