Release Date: October, 3 2018

Inspections: The new inspections feature in ViewPoint Cloud has been updated in four different ways:

  1. Recording new inspections has a redesigned interface that allows inspectors to mark items as pass and fail, leave applicable comments, and view record details while conducting an inspection.

  2. Managing public inspection requests can be done on a single page from within the "Inspect" icon. You can filter the requests for a specific department or all departments. You also have the option of filtering the requests based on the requested inspection date or the request age.

  3. Viewing the inspection schedule now allows staff to drag-and-drop inspections to reorder them and also displays a map and the route of all the inspections for the day. You can also view other staff members schedules along with group schedules as well. 

  4. Creating inspection reports now happens instantly after completing an inspection. The inspection report - which includes all of the relevant inspection information - will automatically be emailed to the applicant. 

This publish also contained bug fixes and performance improvements.

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