Each step in a record's workflow has a status which will display underneath the step's name/header.  You can also see any record's inspection step statuses by opening up an Inspection Status column in an Inspections report and removing any inspection status filters.  Please note that inspection statuses specifically pertain to their workflow steps and thus should not be confused with Inspection Results.  An inspection step's status on any active record will always be one of the following:

  1. Pending: Like all other workflow steps, a pending inspection step means that the inspection step has not been reached yet in a workflow.  

  2. Active: This means that the Inspection step has been activated and ready to be  worked on.  The inspection's status will be Active until the step itself is completed (even if this inspection itself is completed), so please make sure to complete the inspection step(s) upon completing the inspections if you want to proceed with a record's workflow.  Please note that the step owner must be the user who completes the step.

  3. Complete: This means that the inspection step was marked "Complete" in ViewPoint Cloud by the step owner.  When an inspection step is marked as "Complete," it means that the workflow can proceed to future steps (regardless of what the inspection's outcome is)--Please note that an inspection does not need to be fully conducted to complete its step.

  4. Failed: If a user clicks "Reject" on an Inspection step, the step is then marked Red, the record status displays as Stopped, and the workflow cannot proceed until the step owner marks the step as "Complete."  Please note that one can "Fail" an inspection step even if the actual inspection(s) passed.

  5. Skipped: An active inspection step can be skipped by the step owner by pressing the "Skip" button at the bottom of the screen as long as the step does not have a status of "Failed." This means that the workflow will resume without the inspection having been conducted.

• To run a report in which you can see any active records' inspection statuses, you will navigate to the Explore tab, run an Active Inspections report, remove the "Status" filter, and then check off the Inspection Status column.  See screenshot below for example:

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