The ability to report on Permit Issuance dates is a highly useful feature in ViewPoint Cloud.  This can be done via two different columns, each of which has a different function:

• The "Permit/License Issued Date" column displays the date that the first document has been issued on a record.  For instance, if a given record has 3 permit documents issued for it, the Permit/License Issued Date report column will display the date that the first of those 3 documents was issued.  An example of this is if a Building Permit gets issued before a Certificate of Occupancy, the Permit/Licensed Issued Date would display the date the Building Permit was issued.  This column is available in Records, Approvals, Payments, Documents, and Inspection reports in the Explore tab.

• The "Date Issued" column is only available in Documents reports in the Explore tab, but this is where you will find the exact issuance date of any individual document.  Thus, you may see the same record several times in this column if that record has several documents.

• This is an important distinction, especially if you are reporting on or filtering by the issuance date of a specific document.  You'll ideally want to run a Documents report in that case so that the Date Issued column gives you all necessary information.

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