The "Explore" tab is a centralized location that stores all of the relevant data in ViewPoint Cloud. You have the ability to review data pertaining to Records, Approvals, Payments, Documents, Inspections, and Projects. Along with reviewing data, you have the ability to create a custom report by utilizing any of the filters and columns available to you. 

  • First, let's explore the different types of reports in ViewPoint Cloud: 

 - Records: A records reports shows you all active and completed records in your platform.  This can either show all your community's records at once or all records within a selected department. 

  - Approvals: A approvals report shows you all your community's approval steps.     This report shows what employee is assigned to which approval step as well as           all unassigned approvals. 

  - Payments: There are three different payment reports in the Explore Tab:

                   - Payments Due: Payments that are due for a particular record

                   - Payment: Payments that have been recorded (this includes refunds)

                   - Ledger: Includes fee labels, account numbers, payment method

  - Documents: Lists the documents that have been issued within the                                corresponding records.

  - Inspections: There are two different inspection reports in the Explore Tab:

                    - Active Inspections: This show all inspections and the current inspection                         status for records currently in progress. See here what each inspection                           status means within a workflow.
                    - Inspection Results: This shows each past inspection type's result--                                   whether the inspection result was either a Pass, Fail, or Partial Pass.

  - Projects: A projects report shows each open project created in your platform.

  • When navigating the explore tab, you have the option to select which department you would like to see the data for in a report.  Selecting a department can be done in the top left corner of the page.

  • Once you have selected a department and a type of report, you have the ability to sort any column by clicking on a column header.  Additionally, you can Export a CSV copy of a report from the Explore tab at any time.

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