Creating a clone of a record type is a highly useful tool if you ever need to copy over a record type's settings to another record type or even to create a test record type. Only system administrators have the ability to clone a record type.

To clone a record type, you can simply navigate to the Record Types page within your community's system settings and hover over the record type you'd like to clone. You'll then click on the icon that resembles two pieces of paper to duplicate it.

 • You will then by prompted whether to clone this--Click Yes to clone it.  

• You will see a draft copy of the record below the original record type with the word "copy" listed after its initial name by default.  For example, a clone of record type "Building Permit" will display by default as "Building Permit Copy" and will automatically be a draft record type.  

Please note that you can then edit the cloned record type's name as well of which department it is part of at any time in that record type's settings on the General tab.  

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