The task inbox will help you track what tasks need to be completed and which ones have already been done. Any time that you are either assigned to an approval or inspection step or if someone comments on a step that you are assigned to, a new notification will appear next to the "Inbox" icon on the left side of your screen. When you select a task from your task menu, information such as the record number, applicant name, location, comments on that step will be available. Also, if you click "Open Task," you will be taken directly to the step in the record's workflow.

• There are two dropdown menus at the top of your Task screen.  One of these shows "All Tasks" by default so you can see all tasks assigned to you, and you can click on this dropdown to show specifically the Approvals, Inspections, or Payment steps assigned to you.  The other one displays whether your task inbox displays in order of your newest or oldest tasks.

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