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Balancing Your ViewPoint Ledger Report with Stripe
Balancing Your ViewPoint Ledger Report with Stripe
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Using ViewPoint Cloud's built-in ledger report, you can easily balance a ViewPoint Ledger report with your Stripe payout in order to determine how much money to allocate to each department's account. 

When creating a ledger report, there are several options to use as report filters.

Useful filters:

  • Account Number

  • (Stripe) Transaction ID

  • Payment Method

  • Date Paid


If the Building Department's account number is 123456, you can edit the ledger report and filter to just that specific account number. Once that filter is added, you can also add the date paid filter. If you plan on balancing your Stripe account on a daily basis, you can select the date filter for just one day. It will also be valuable to add a payment method filter for credit card and e-check as well. Since cash and paper-checks are handled outside of Stripe, you will not want to include that payment method in the report. Once the filters have been added, you can export the report to a .csv file in order to sum the total amount paid column. 

Now that you have created a report for a specific account number, on a specific date, and only including credit card and e-check payments, you are ready to review your Stripe payout and allocate the money proportionately. 

If you would like to lookup specific payments in Stripe, you can simply add the transaction ID column to your ledger report and that will show the specific Stripe transaction ID. Once you have the transaction ID, you can copy and paste it into the Stripe search bar and that specific payment will populate. This is a great way of spot-checking payments if more, granular, information is needed.


Each payment in Stripe has a metadata section that will provide you with more granular information regarding the specific payment. 

Useful metadata:

  • Record Type

  • Record Number

  • Department Name

  • Payment Method

The available metadata will allow you to cross reference specific payments in Stripe with their respective record in ViewPoint Cloud. 

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