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How to Report on Overdue Inspections
How to Report on Overdue Inspections
How to report on missed inspections
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You can identify records with an overdue inspection step in an Active Inspections Report if the "Next Inspection" tab shows a date from the past and the Inspection Status column (which needs to be manually added) displays one of the following statuses: Active, Pending, or Failed.  If the inspection status is Complete, that means the step was completed even if the inspection itself failed or was skipped, so that means it did not affect the record's completion.

• See below: by filtering for these Inspection statuses and then adding the Inspection status column, you can report on the overdue inspections.

• You can address these steps by clicking into one of these records and then working on the step.  You can also address an overdue inspection step by bringing up the step owner's Inspection Schedule, clicking on "Show Missed Inspections," and then choosing one of the listed inspections.

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